Offer you a smart and low-cost remittance service.

All you need is a phone number to send money to your friends and family in few seconds.

No more complex procedures in bank! Transactions are available 24/7.

Foreign Currency One-Touch Transfer

Transfer money worldwide with Eternal Wallet anytime easily! We can support 5 currencies (YEN/WON/PHP/USD/HKD). Now we also support you to send money back Philippines with super low-cost fee and cash pick-up anywhere in Philippines.


In case of sending 1.00HKD worth of PHP, fill in with

1.Remittance amount: 1

2.Sender’s currency: HKD

3.Recipient’s currency: PHP

※Please check clearly recipient’s phone number, currency, amounts and content before sending out.

Transfer between Wallet

Transfer between wallets (same currency) is easy and simple for anyone.
Just few clicks, you can send money to your friends with same currency in seconds.