1. After login, please choose “Sell or Buy XEC”

2. You can sell or buy Eternal Coin (XEC).

There are 2 types of dealings: Simple Trade and Normal Trade

3.After trade is completed, you can check order details from history.

Simple Trade

Simple Trade is a simple way to sell or buy with current coin/ price rate.

When you enter qty of coins for selling, it will be automatically shown out the immediate price as your currency (eg. HKD) you chosen.

Which as it is same way from entering amount of your currency to current rate of coin. Min. for trading is 1XEC.

Normal Trade

Normal Trade:

Ⅰ)Limit Order Ⅱ)Market Order

Choose “Buy” or “Sell” for next step.

Ⅰ) Limit Order : Order with specific price and quantity. The order will never be executed unless it reaches a specified price.
※ Please prepare sufficient amount for limit order.

Ⅱ) Market Order : Order without specific price, but with specific quantity only. The order will be executed quickly at current market price.