Eternal Coin Wallet

You need to create a wallet where you can securely store virtual coins before starting.
Zero fee for creating a wallet.

Sign up for Wallet

With simple steps, just sign up with mobile number!
  1. Input your name (or Company name) with passwords and mobile phone number.
    *Please input your name which as same as shown on your ID card.
    *Your mobile phone number is necessary to be entered.
    *Please enter alphanumeric and be at least 4 characters for passwords.
    *Please choose your language and your country.
    *Please enter e-mail address.
    *Please read and agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy which you are declaring and committing for non-involvement in any anti-social organization.
  2. Receive a code on SMS as confirmation
  3. Please login again and complete the registration.

*Please protect the private data including your passwords.

Protect you…

It is secure by using AWS, third-party SSL certificates on our servers. All important information is encrypted.
Our system is provided by Atom Solutions Co., Ltd. in Japan.

For declaring and committing for non-involvement in any anti-social organization,

users have to provide valid Government photo ID for verification.

※ We are apologized that some services such as money transmission, withdraw or e-payment cannot be proceed until ID document is provided.

Valid Government photo ID : Passport, Hong Kong Permanent ID (both sides) or driver’s license (both sides)

1) Only accepts colour copies.
2) Electronic IDs are not accepted.

※For company registration, please provide Business Registration(BR)

Upload your photo ID

1.Login your wallet, click “Account Setting”.

2.Choose “Verify Your Identity” and upload your valid ID document.

You only need to submit the digital version of your identity card plus a selfie photo once, then your identity can be stored.

※ We will release the rights for services after uploaded identification information is approved.
※ Once you change the identification information, we will redo our checking and approval accordingly.