Login your Eternal Wallet and deposit money for enjoy the fun of Eternal Coin.

Please submit a deposit application within your wallet, then the payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

You also can register oversea bank withdrawal accounts and withdraw your money oversea.


You will be given a designated bank account if you choose to pay by bank transfer. After the deposit, please fill out the information below and email us at info@eternalhongkong.com

– Name:
– Telephone number:
– Amount and currency:
– Application number:


※It will be reflected on your wallet on the same day at the shortest. It sometimes takes 2-3 business days depending on the bank. We ensure that we will proceed all transactions at our soonest.

※The actual deposit amount will be the amount after subtracted by above-mentioned fees, please make sure the deposit amount is sufficient ※

Receive Money

Eternal Wallet provides you 2 ways to receive money:

  1. “Withdrawal’:   Withdraw money from Banks and users can withdraw at ATM or Banks.
  2. “E-Counter Cash Pick-Up”:  Withdraw money from any E-Counters as you choose and some can provide you door-to-door cash delivery.


You only need to apply withdrawal request in our wallet, money will be automatically sent to your bank.

Support all banks in these countries: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Philippines.

※Withdrawal precautions※

The withdrawal fees are as follow:
1.1% of the withdrawal amount (charged by the company)
2.Inward payment fee except Hang Seng Bank & HSBC (approximate 15 HKD will be charged by the bank, please contact your bank for further details)

E-Counter Cash Pick-Up

You can pick up your money at our E-counter Cash Pick-Up which the location near you.
More than 200 E-counters let you choose.

  1. Find E-counter where Location near you
    Visit E-Look web site or check from E-Look APP
  2. Login and find your E-counter for Cash Pick-Up.
  3. You can pick up your money in our E-counters conveniently.