Eternal Wallet is easy and user friendly to operate by computer / tablet or smartphone

with the network to achieve money transfer ( Foreign / Local ) to your family / friends or business associates far

in other countries, e-payments, coin buy/sell, currency exchange and other functions.

Sending Eternal Coin is as easy as sending a message on social networks.

DOT function

50 % of all transactions and transfer fees are distributed once a week among wallet users according to how many XEC you hold. Check your wallet on every Wednesday. Happy Wednesday for you!


Extra Income

Physical economy is officially entered the era of virtualization , virtual economic future will be another type of currency – Eternal Coin, can be used for customer investments, to achieve our ideal future life.


Withdrawing cash worldwidely

Exchanges of Eternal Coin are available in 4 countries; Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Philippine currently.
You can transact between wallet users in those countries easily and you will be able to withdraw local cash without high exchange rate there when you visit.
We have E-counters also in Tokyo, Philippines and NYC etc.
Get local cash easily! Visit E-Look to find your E-counters for cash pick-up.


24/7 One-Touch Transfer

No more complex procedures in bank! Transactions are available 24/7.
Transfer money worldwide with Eternal Wallet anytime easily! We can support 5 currencies (YEN/WON/PHP/USD/HKD) in our exchange office.


Join E-Look to get Merchant Benefits

Eternal Wallet can be the right platform for your stores/ restaurants/ exchange stores (E-Counters) to reduce operating costs. Eternal Coin users can get any information through Eternal Wallet & E-look.



Phone number for Transaction

With telephone number of receiver, you can send money safely, easily & quickly worldwide with a virtual currency, convenient remittance service.


Low transaction fee

Just compare our fees to bank or remittance companies. Low-cost fees can be offered and it’s only about HK$0.30 for each.
No need to worry about the high fees you used to be charged.


E-Wallet & Donation

With Eternal Wallet, you can pay for food and services at our member stores.
More than 100 member stores are available.
You can also donate Eternal Coin to multiple organizations around the world.

Coming soon